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FAQ + Answers

FAQ + Answers2023-06-02T05:07:33+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

We put together a list of questions (and answers) that frequently come up, with categories ranging from training series to attendance to missions, and more. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to submit your question here.

What is the format or typical morning at Men’s Practice?2023-07-29T21:47:12+00:00
Saturday from 7 AM – 8:30 AM – morning announcements, lesson/teaching time, table time (90 minutes)
What are the training topics?2023-07-29T21:50:08+00:00
Training topics include Biblical studies and how we apply the lesson to our daily lives.
What can I expect at Men’s Practice?2023-04-05T17:42:16+00:00
Laughter, vulnerable or serious talk, genuine men, hurting men and victorious men.
Does Men’s Practice offer counseling?2023-12-22T03:57:50+00:00
We have connections with professional counselors and many men are available to talk with you and pray with you.
Am I able to attend virtually?2023-07-29T21:51:37+00:00
Yes! You can attend via Zoom on Saturday mornings. CONTACT US to get the link and password.
How many attend Men’s Practice and what ages?2023-04-05T17:49:58+00:00
We typically have between 90-110 men attend each week in person, with 10-15 virtually, on Zoom. The ages of men are from 20 to late eighties.
Is Men’s Practice faith-based?2023-07-29T21:54:08+00:00
Absolutely. All teachings are centered around the Bible and how to walk daily and grow closer to Jesus Christ.
How do I join a table?2023-07-29T21:48:26+00:00
Feel free to sit at different tables each week. There is no assigned seating at Men’s Practice.
What happens during table time?2023-07-29T21:45:42+00:00
A table leader will facilitate the questions to generate discussions. If you don’t want to answer the question, you can “pass”.
Can women attend Men’s Practice?2023-07-29T21:41:29+00:00


Is my son able to attend Men’s Practice?2023-07-29T21:40:27+00:00

Any male 16 years or older is welcome to attend.

What suggestions can you give me about coming to Men’s Practice?2023-07-29T21:43:52+00:00

Attend 3 weeks in a row. This will give you a feel for the culture of the room and meet the guys.

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