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What is Paz de Cristo?

Paz de Cristo is a Mesa, Arizona nonprofit organization that provides essential services to people in need, particularly those who are experiencing homelessness and struggling with poverty. The name “Paz de Cristo” translates to “Peace of Christ” in Spanish, reflecting the organization’s mission to offer assistance, support, and a sense of peace to those facing difficult circumstances.

Paz de Cristo offers a range of services and programs to help individuals and families in the East Valley area of Metro Phoenix, including:

  1. Daily Evening Meal: One of their primary services is providing a hot, nutritious evening meal to people in need. This meal is typically served at their facility, where individuals can come to eat and socialize.
  2. Food Boxes: The organization also distributes food boxes to help people who may not have access to regular meals. These food boxes contain essential items to assist families in need.
  3. Hygiene Services: Paz de Cristo provides access to showers, clean clothing, and hygiene items to help individuals maintain their personal well-being.
  4. Employment Services: They offer employment assistance and resources to help individuals find job opportunities and gain self-sufficiency.
  5. Case Management: The organization provides case management services to help individuals address their specific needs and access resources and support to improve their circumstances.
  6. Community Support: Paz de Cristo also focuses on creating a sense of community and belonging for those they serve, fostering connections and support networks. It gives our neighbors a hand so that they can get back on their feet.

Overall, Paz de Cristo plays a vital role in addressing the basic needs of the vulnerable and homeless population in Mesa and our East Valley region of Metropolitan Phoenix. Their services aim to provide not only food and shelter, but also the support necessary for individuals to regain their independence and improve their quality of life. For more information, go to

Our Mission: Feed The Hungry

Hunger, poverty and homelessness are daily struggles for many. Every night of the year, dinner is served in the dining hall of Paz de Cristo Community Center. Volunteers (ages 15 and older) prepare hot, nutritious meals for struggling men, women, and children of the East Valley of Metropolitan Phoenix.

We serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, showing the love of Christ to guests of Paz de Cristo. With hunger satisfied, guests find strength to face the day along with hope and courage for a better tomorrow. Please join us! Sign up below for the next opportunity that works for you.

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Next Opportunity: Sat, July 6th, 2024, 4-7pm

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