Quiet Time with God

One of the challenges of being a Disciple of Christ in the 21st century is the tendency to become absorbed in our daily routines and overlook God’s presence. “Kill the Noise” is a quote we use quite often. We encourage men of Practice to “Kill the Noise” while driving in your vehicle. This small reminder helps us engage with our Savior without distraction. When podcasts, music, or news is turned off, we kill the noise around us (except for the A/C). It’s a reminder to spend time in prayer and think about the needs of others as well.

As men we have so many distractions and the amount of noise around us can be overwhelming. When there is silence in a vehicle, our focus is much sharper. Try and “Kill the Noise” today as you drive around town. Satan loves distractions and alternative business and he doesn’t want you to spend any time with God. Doubt, chaos, and confusion are schemes of the enemy. Satan will do anything to cloud your judgment, clutter your thoughts, and keep you guessing. Prayer is necessary for building power and confidence. Kill the Noise and tell Him why you are thankful. Kill the Noise and praise Him. Kill the Noise and worship Him. Kill the Noise and pray to Him. Try this the next time you are in your vehicle. It works.

Kill The Noise

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