Men’s Rehabilitation Center

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

What is La Esperanza?

La Esperanza is a men’s rehabilitation shelter in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, with which Men’s Practice has a partnership. This partnership exists because La Esperanza is a men’s shelter that is Jesus Christ centered. The director of La Esperanza, Pastor Magdiel Herrera, has a requirement that the men attend chapel services, prayer gatherings, memorize scripture, attend worship services and serve in the community. La Esperanza shelter will house these men for a period of time and help them try and get back into society and remain off of drugs and/or alcohol. For more than a decade, Men’s Practice has received the blessing by providing Spanish Bibles, men’s clothes and shoes, new mattresses, mechanic tools, and meals. As construction projects that lasted more than a few months, we built a dormitory and a kitchen.

Men’s Practice typically travels to La Esperanza together for our annual trip each February. We also have smaller mission trips with men going to La Esperanza throughout the year. Men bond together shoulder to shoulder. Our mission trips allow the fellas from Men’s Practice to bond with power tools, hammers, and shovels. God continues to bless us and provide for these mission trips.

Our next mission trip to Rocky Point and La Esperanza will be February 14-16, 2025.

A sign-up form will be posted in early January.

Pastor Magdiel

Pastor Magdiel is a Men’s Practice missionary. He is director and pastor of La Esperanza Men’s Rehabilitation Center in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Pastor Magdiel has a servant’s heart for the men who enter La Esperanza. Magdiel points the men to Jesus Christ as the men start the process of cleaning up their life with addictions. Magdiel requires the men at La Esperanza to attend chapel service, memorize scripture and participate in worship services. Madgiel is married to Elizabeth and has 3 children, Alexa, Carlito and Victoria. Men’s Practice supports Pastor Magdiel each month. If you would like to financially participate in blessing Magdiel and his family, here is the link.

Pastor Magdiel

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