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How’s Your Dirt?

Thorny Field: Sounds like decent news. I’ll take some. But I want other things, too. This ground is often properly prepared to receive good seed. Freshly tilled and raked. After seeding, it is not tended on a regular basis. No consistent watering or cultivating or weeding things out of my life. No practices of adding nutrients or aerating. It’s a lazy, easy-come/easy-go kind of gardening. When harvest time comes, the gardener never knows for sure what should be harvested. The desired crop is thin and emaciated.

Parable of 4 Soils

Rocky Ground: Love good news! Tell me positive messages. Applaud my accomplishments. My life is littered with them! OK, throw in God’s Word, too. There’s room for it all. Wait! – I’m supposed to do what Scripture says? I’m supposed to practice God’s principles? But I have my own agenda? I must give up my life to save it? I’m to be a living sacrifice? Wait – that’s expecting too much….not sure I signed up for that.

Beaten Path: Everyday life….just ehhhh attitude…my schedule…my, thinking, my travel, my meetings, my relationships, my details, my responsibilities, my deadlines, my opportunities, and my agenda. While the Word of God just bounces off my mind/heart and falls off onto a beaten path. Trampled. I’m tooooo busy right now.

Good Soil: The truth and more truth. God’s loving hands breaking up my hard areas of my heart and life. Repentance! Major LIFE CHANGE. Water to my dry and broken soul. Trusting God even while I don’t understand God. Practicing and pursuing God. Very hard work. A leap into Christ arms when I’m afraid. Believing. Training. Allowing Him to drilling deep into the details of my life.

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