Your Foundation

Evidence of the Sand:

Does your life bear any type of spiritual fruit?

Do you pursue Christ?

Is He Lord over everything in your life?

Does your life consist of following “other things” than Jesus?

Do trials cause me to fall apart and completely go off the deep end?

Do you hear of Jesus teaching, and ignore the Holy Spirit time and time again?

Parable of Rock and Sand

Evidence of the ROCK:

Is my trust in the cross of Jesus Christ?

Is He my ‘cornerstone’?

When you fail or fall down, do I get right back up and go forward again in obedience?

Do I seek His forgiveness and help?

Do I find Christ – His Person, His commandments, His promises – to be my mainstay in times of trial?

Do I find myself increasingly turning away from lesser things, and turning to Him instead?

Do you hear of Jesus’ teaching, and start implementing His teachings in your life?

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